Crystalisr - A platform for community wealth building

We bring key stakeholders together within the South London region to explore old and new ways of keeping wealth within the local economy and using it to generate more benefits for local people and businesses. We do this through training, events and workshops, dialogue, design thinking, collaboration and the sharing of Opportunities, Resources & Insights drawn out from the data on the platform.

Join our CoP to explore old and new ways of keeping wealth within the local economy

Collaborate in working groups with other key stakeholders within the South London region to innovate and take action on building and benefiting from a more generative economy. (Video coming Soon!)

Are you an SME who wants to access local work opportunities?

We can help by reducing barriers to Entry and increasing your visibility to larger local institutions unlike cumbersome existing tender portals.

Crystalisr - Community Wealth Building across South London

Crystalisr is a multi-stakeholder stakeholder owned platform that supports buyers and sellers build social, ecological and economic wealth in south London by facilitating & providing community wealth building activities.

Crystalisr's Core Offerings

The features outlined below are just the first iteration based on years of conversations. There will be other features and projects in the pipeline once we have gathered feedback from the CoP working groups. That way we aim to solve problems that need solving and to facilitate a thriving ecosystem for our stakeholders.

Supplier Gymnasium

Supplier-Users work towards fitness-to-supply, post evidence of achievement, develop market strength and knowledge through collaboration in working groups

Anchor Showcase

Anchor institutions develop their Anchor Network, state their vision and needs, provide market and ecosystem-level insights, offer opportunities for collaboration and provide alerts of contract opportunities

Policy Platform

Engagement between members of the local ecosystem, citizens, policy makers and funders to drive change and access the resources we need to transition to a generative, foundational economy in South London

Helping SMEs with supplier readiness through the BIG Integrate programme. In partnership with: